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Gum Recontouring in Los Alamitos, CA

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About Gum Recontouring

Gum recontouring is a procedure that Beachwood Dental offers to our Los Alamitos, CA patients in order to enhance the cosmetic appearance of their natural smile. The procedure can involve 2 different outcomes. The most popular and simple gum recontouring option is for patients who are suffering from excess gum tissue on the top row of their teeth, causing their teeth to look too small and the gums to look overly large when the patient smiles. In order to balance out the gumline, one of our experienced dentists will administer laser treatments in order to safely remove part of the tissue from the gum, evening out the smile. On the other hand, if patients wish to make their teeth appear smaller and suffer from a receding gum, then our dentists can also address this issue by safely removing soft tissue from the roof of the patient's mouth and transferring it to the top gumline. In both procedures, the goal is to present a healthier, more appealing smile. In cases where patient's gums are too large, the procedure can also be helpful in preventing bacteria and infections that can form in the excess gum tissue. We invite each patient to schedule a consultation to privately discuss their needs and goals. 

What to Expect

Laser gum reshaping can be done in our dentist's office with a mild, local anesthetic on the gums to minimize discomfort. If the patient has dental anxieties or fears, they may speak to our dentist about adding sedation during the procedure. The teeth and gums will be cleaned and dried before our dentist carefully removes strips of gum tissue until the gumline is natural and even. The laser seals the tissue to stop bleeding and finalizes the shape of the gums. If patients need tissue grafted onto their gumline from the roof of their mouth, then a similar process will ensue, with the patient being administered anesthesia during the removal and grafting process to minimize discomfort. 

Treatment Aftercare

The gums and teeth may be swollen and sensitive for several weeks after the gum sculpting procedure, but with daily brushing, flossing, and mouthwash, the tissue inflammation should subside, and the gums will heal cleanly. Our dentist will go over any special instructions after the procedure and may prescribe antibiotics if the patient is at risk for gum disease. Patients should continue to visit our dentist at least once a year for a dental exam and at least twice a year for a professional dental cleaning.

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Excessive gum tissue or receding gums can leave you with a disproportionate smile, but gum recontouring can give your teeth proper proportions for a healthy, even smile. By removing excess gum tissue, you can improve your appearance and minimize your risk for gum disease, while adding gum tissue to receding or too small gums can also improve your appearance. Schedule a consultation with one of our proficient dentists and periodontist to learn more about gum recontouring and how it can benefit your oral health.

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