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Teeth Whitening in Los Alamitos, CA

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About Teeth Whitening

Instead of buying over-the-counter teeth whitening systems that produce mediocre results, we recommend consulting with our Beachwood Dental team in Los Alamitos, CA for customized at-home teeth whitening trays or state-of-the-art teeth whitening treatments like  ZOOM!® and KöR® Teeth Whitening. If a patient has a sensitivity issue with professional-grade, at-home whitening bleach and trays, we recommend the KöR® Teeth Whitening approach. We also have the well-known ZOOM! Whitening using a professional-strength hydrogen peroxide whitening gel. The get is applied to teeth and briefly exposed to a special ZOOM! light, which helps to break up stains and evenly whiten the teeth. Discolored teeth are less cosmetically appealing, but teeth can be brightened with our professional-strength whiteners quickly in our office or at home.

For our at-home kits, we provide molded trays, which are fitted comfortably. Patients will be given a whitening gel that will accompany their custom trays. As the patient uses the gel, their teeth should noticeably appear whiter, have less stains, and minimal discoloration.Our dentists are happy to consult with each patient and help determine what their custom needs will be in terms of whitening strength and treatment duration. Teeth whitening is one of the simplest ways to achieve a brighter smile. 

What to Expect

Our Beachwood Dental team will take a mold of the patient's teeth and create custom trays based on the individual teeth shape. Once the trays are completed, a prescription whitening gel will also be given to the patient to be combined with the trays. These trays are used to help lock the gel in place and keep it from reaching the gums. Depending on the gel and the individual patient's whitening needs, our dentists may recommend different treatment lengths, but the treatments are typically recommended in 45-minute increments everyday for about a month, or until the desired level is achieved. Noticeable results are possible after just one treatment, but it generally takes 2 – 4 weeks to see a substantial difference. 

At Home Aftercare

Patients should avoid contact between the whitening gel and the gums as it can sometimes cause discomfort or sensitivity. However, as long as they are following our dentist's treatment recommendations for the proper length of time, then a patient should be able to go about a normal routine without any disruption. To maximize the effects, patients may want to avoid any staining foods or beverages such as coffee, soda, or red wine. If any pain or discomfort develops, patients should contact our dental office. If the whitening treatments are not producing the desired effects, then our dentist will be happy to adjust the prescription. 

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Whiter Teeth At Home

We provide our patients with a custom home whitening kit so they can work on having a brighter smile at their own pace and in the comfort of their own home. Schedule a consultation at our office to discuss your needs and goals and learn more about home teeth whitening options.

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