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Dental Bridge in Los Alamitos, CA

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About Dental Bridges

A bridge is an effective way to fill in unwanted gaps in the teeth, offering long-lasting restoration and cosmetic improvement to a patient's smile. Beachwood Dental's team of dentists offers 3 different dental bridging options for their Los Alamitos, CA patients. The first and most common kind of bridge used is the fixed bridge, which uses a false tooth, called a pontic, to fill the gap while 2 crowns are placed on the existing teeth around it in order to anchor the pontic in place for a secure, long-lasting result. Another option offered is the cantilever bridge that is implanted and secured on only one side. This option is typically only used on areas like the front teeth that undergo less movement and pressure. A third, more cost-effective, option that is available is the removable bridge, which is the least secure and requires more maintenance and upkeep in order for it to produce long-lasting results. Our team of highly-practiced dentists can consult with each patient individually to ensure the best option is presented to them. 

What to Expect

To prepare the teeth for the bridge, our dentist will file down the supporting teeth to create enough room for the crown. Once the teeth are prepared, our dentist will take digital X-rays and impressions that will be sent to a dental laboratory where the bridge is created. Our dentist then will cover the patient's teeth with temporary crowns for protection until the bridge is ready. Once the bridge is created, our dentist will attach the bridge and adjust the fit for ideal comfort and appearance.

Treatment Aftercare

With proper home care and regular visits to our dentist for professional cleanings and dental exams, dental bridges usually last 5 - 15 years or longer. A good home oral care routine includes proper brushing at least twice a day and flossing at least once a day. During future dental exams, our dentist will check the condition of the bridge and let the patient know when it is time for a replacement. 

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Smile Without Gaps

Large spaces between teeth and missing teeth can stop you from having your best smile, so talk to one of our dentists about dental bridges to fill in gaps. In addition to improving the appearance of your smile, bridges can restore the health and strength of your teeth. 

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