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Information About Dental Health Services

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Bruxism, also referred to as the grinding of the teeth, can cause serious discomfort, damage, and dental issues over time, if not properly treated.

Dental cleanings are dental treatments that help remove plaque and other damaging bacteria from the teeth in order to maintain a healthy mouth.

Dental examinations and private consultations at our Los Alamitos, CA office are an important part of ensuring each patient's teeth are healthy.

Dental sealant serves as effective protection and prevention treatment for cavities, plaque, and other bacteria that forms on a patient's molars.

For patients who suffer dental emergencies, such as extreme tooth pain, broken or missing teeth, or urgent dental issues, we can help after hours.

Gingivitis is a stage of gum disease that occurs when plaque and tartar buildup in between the gums causes noticeable bleeding and inflammation.

Halitosis is a condition that leads to bad breath caused by plaque and tartar build up. Bad breath therapy can successfully remove the build up.

Night guards are custom-fitted trays that patients can wear while they sleep in order to prevent grinding or clenching of their teeth (bruxism).

Periodontitis is a prevalent gum disease that causes inflammation in the gums, and requires special periodontic treatments to alleviate the disease.

Sleep apnea and snoring can be treated with oral appliance therapy to help the patient get a restful night's sleep while still protecting the teeth.

Scaling and root planing is primarily used as a treatment for periodontitis, which involves a deep cleaning and scraping of bacteria from the pockets.


Our Beachwood Dental team can address and treat any issues related to temporomandibular joints (TMJ) and the painful jaw disorders associated with it.

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