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Self-Ligating Braces in Los Alamitos, CA

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Beachwood Dental is proud to offer our Los Alamitos, CA patients multiple options for excellent orthodontic care and straighter teeth. Patients who are looking to correct crooked, gapped, displaced teeth, or an overbite can have braces placed on their teeth to straighten them over time. However, patients can become concerned about the comfort level and cosmetic appearance of wearing traditional metal braces. Self-ligating braces can be a good compromise, offering brackets that can be tightened on their own without the need for elastics to be placed on them. Without elastics needed to hold the brackets and archwire together, it makes the self-ligating braces more comfortable and less noticeable. They are also easier and faster to tighten, as patients can pay a short visit to our orthodontist. We encourage our patients, who are in need of braces, to schedule a consult at our office to discuss the possibility of self-ligating braces. 

What to Expect

Prior to receiving their self-ligating braces, patients will have their teeth cleaned and examined to ensure that they are in good health to support the braces. The first step will be for a bonding substance to be applied to the teeth for the metal braces to be attached. Once the braces are in place, the brackets will be bonded to them using a high-intensity light. Finally, the archwire will be placed precisely between the brackets and braces to keep them in place. The brackets have a built-in hook that will allow our orthodontist to tighten them during the procedure. There should be little to no pain felt during the process. 


Self-ligating braces require the same kind of at-home care as traditional metal braces. Our orthodontist recommends for our patients to make their oral hygiene a top priority by regularly brushing their teeth twice a day and flossing as well. With braces, food and particles can easily become trapped between the wires, so it is important that patients are mindful of their at-home care. It may take some time for patients to be accustomed to their new braces, and a mild discomfort is normal as patients adjust. Regular follow-up appointments for tightening and assessment will be made to ensure the patient's progress is on track. 

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Our office offers self-ligating braces to effectively realign and straighten crooked teeth. Self-ligating braces are more comfortable and less-visible than traditional braces, and we recommend that patients schedule a consult with our office today to see if this could be the best option for restoring the smile. 

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