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Clear Ceramic Braces in Los Alamitos, CA

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Our Beachwood Dental team is proud to offer our Los Alamitos, CA patients clear ceramic braces for less-visible and more comfortable braces. Instead of having metal brackets that are more noticeable and rigid, our ceramic braces are crafted out of a translucent substance, so each bracket is considerably less noticeable and more flexible. Because the material is more pliable it is also slightly more fragile and requires a little more at-home care for our patients who choose this option. The translucent material can become yellowed if the patient consumes foods and beverages that easily stain, so maintaining good oral health is crucial to keeping the braces in pristine shape. Our exceptional dentists and orthodontist will discuss with each patient their needs. We can discuss if clear ceramic braces are the correct choice for the patient.

What to Expect

Prior to patients receiving their clear ceramic braces, our dentists and orthodontist will ensure that the teeth are clean and strong. During the procedure process, a bonding agent, called an etchant, will be applied to the surface of the teeth in order to allow the ceramic braces to successfully stay in place. Once the etchant is on the teeth, the next process is placing the brackets on top of the ceramic along with the application of a high-intensity light to bond the brackets to the teeth. The next step is placing what is called the archwire in between the brackets and braces to hold them together. This process usually takes about one hour for each archwire. Rubber bands may also be placed for extra security if our orthodontist thinks it is needed. 


Patients may expect to feel some minor discomfort as they adjust to having full-time braces in their mouth. Our dentist or orthodontist will send each patient home with detailed instructions, but ceramic braces require more at-home care. Patients should be mindful of their eating and drinking habits, as certain foods or beverages can stain the ceramic. Smoking can also lead to discoloration of the braces. Patients should make sure that they brush, floss, and rinse with mouthwash regularly to ensure no bacteria or food gets trapped in their new braces. 

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Present a Straighter Smile

Our clear ceramic braces are a great alternative for patients who are looking for a more subtle way to straighten out their teeth. Ceramic braces are more comfortable and concealed than metal braces while still offering effective results. We invite you to schedule a consult at our office to learn more about how you can present a straighter, more appealing smile. 

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