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Nitrous Oxide Sedation in Los Alamitos, CA

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About Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide can be a safe way to numb the pain for patients undergoing surgery, extraction, or restorative procedures. Our dentists at Beachwood Dental will commonly mix nitrous oxide with oxygen for safety purposes and begin to administer it to the patient right before the procedure using a mask that is gently placed over the nose. Slowly, the patient will begin to feel tingling sensations and then numbness. Patients usually experience a dream-like state that can cause laughing or pleasure. Our dentist is able to control the gas level during the procedure and can administer more or less depending on the patient's needs during the procedure. Our Los Alamitos, CA patients are closely monitored and their needs are constantly assessed during the treatment to ensure that they are safe and comfortable. 

What to Expect

Oxygen is usually added to the nitrous oxide gas for safer results. Our dentist will begin the sedation by placing a hood over the patient’s nose that will be inhaled as the patient breathes normally. The patient will begin to feel light-headed within a few minutes as the nitrous oxide will start working. The patient will then begin to notice a tingling sensation (usually in the arms and legs) or a warm, vibrating feeling through the body. At full effect, the nitrous oxide gas will make the patient experience a sense of euphoria and allow our dentist to complete the procedure without any discomfort to the patient. The nitrous oxide can be used as long as it is needed, plus it can be switched on and off by our dentist depending on the patient’s needs.

Treatment Aftercare

Once the nitrous oxide is stopped, the gas and its effects will leave the body in minutes. The patient should have no lasting effects and be able to take themselves home after the procedure. There are usually no negative side effects associated with nitrous oxide gas when used for sedation, but some patients may experience slight nausea. To prevent nausea, the patient should eat a light meal before their procedure.

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An Effective Sedation Option

When you schedule an appointment, please ask about nitrous oxide sedation for your procedure, whether it is a routine cleaning or a longer treatment. We can answer any questions you may have about sedation. Please contact us today to schedule your consultation to learn more about nitrous oxide gas and other sedation options.

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