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Tooth Extraction in Los Alamitos, CA

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About Tooth Extractions

Tooth extractions are common and simple procedures that our team of dentists perform routinely at Beachwood Dental. If our Los Alamitos, CA patients are suffering from a decaying, rotten, or damaged tooth, then we offer restoration to their pain and discomfort by performing a simple extraction procedure. If the tooth is not visible through the gumline, then a surgical extraction may be required to remove it. A tooth extraction can offer significant relief to aching teeth or swelling. We encourage our patients to schedule a consultation with one of our dentists to help restore their health as soon as possible. 

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

A wisdom tooth/teeth extraction is a service that our Beachwood Dental office provides for wisdom teeth that are shifting, painful, crowding. Most likely, these teeth need to be removed. The wisdom tooth removal process can involve either general or local anesthesia or sedation if the patient requests it. Most patients are awake during the procedure and should not experience any discomfort or be able to feel the extraction process. The procedure will involve one of our exceptional dentists making incisions in the gums and removing the teeth and any connecting bone. If needed our dentist will then close up the wound with sutures to help the healing process, though this may not be necessary. Patients should expect to rest for the next 24 hours and only consume a liquid diet, plus avoid caffeine and carbonated drinks. It should take about a week before patients can resume strenuous activity. Pain medication can be prescribed to help with comfort, and ice packs are recommended to ease any swelling. 

What to Expect

For a simple extraction, a local anesthetic is usually given to numb the gum before our dentist loosens and removes the full tooth from the jawbone. Our dentist will carefully separate the tooth from the gum tissue and ligaments before the socket is cleaned and closed. For a surgical extraction, a patient may be given local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia. To remove the tooth, our dentist must surgically cut through the gums and bone. In some cases, the tooth will be cut into pieces for easier extraction. Once the tooth is removed, the socket will be cleaned and stitched closed.

Treatment Aftercare

After an extraction, a blood clot will usually form in the socket of the removed tooth, which should be kept clean and watched for signs of infection. Our dentist may suggest over-the-counter pain medication for any discomfort after the procedure or the patient may be prescribed painkillers. Patients will usually follow a soft food or liquid diet for at least one day after the extraction, and patients should be careful brushing their teeth to help the socket heal. The gums and bone usually begin to heal 1 – 2 weeks after the extraction, but it may be up to 6 months before the mouth is fully healed.

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Whether you need your wisdom teeth removed or you need an emergency extraction after a trauma or injury, please contact our office to learn more about your options. We can help you with simple or surgical extractions to improve your health.

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