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Root Canal Therapy in Los Alamitos, CA

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About Root Canal Therapy

The pulp, located in the center, softer part of the tooth, can become infected if bacteria is able to spread and goes untreated. Once the pulp becomes infected, extreme pain and discomfort follow and can spread to multiple teeth surrounding it. It is important to address the infection as soon as possible. Our Los Alamitos, CA office offers root canal therapy performed by our Beachwood Dental team in order to put an end to the infection and help save the damaged tooth.

During a root canal, our dentists will extract the infected pulp from the inner part of the tooth. If the infection is not too far gone, then the tooth will then be capped or filled in and allowed to heal back and restore properly. We encourage our patients who may be suffering from infection to contact our office immediately to schedule a consultation. 

What to Expect

A root canal is usually performed with local anesthesia to numb the teeth and gums, and sedation may be added if needed. Our dentist will remove the pulp from the infected tooth/teeth, then they will place a crown or inject filling material. Some patients are at a higher risk of developing an infection (usually patients with heart problems like congenital defects and artificial heart valves), so our dentist may prescribe a round of antibiotics before and after the root canal treatment.

Treatment Aftercare

If only local anesthetic is used, then patients will be able to drive and recover at home, but some sedation options may require them to have a responsible adult pick them up.  Patients will have temporary numbness, and some may have minor discomfort that can usually be treated with an over-the-counter pain reliever. If a temporary crown was placed over the tooth, the fixed crown will be placed and fitted at a separate appointment. After a root canal, oral care including brushing and flossing at home plus visits to our dentist as recommended are important to maintain the health of the treated tooth/teeth.

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Pulp Protection

To relieve your pain and prevent more serious dental problems, don't avoid talking to your dentist about a root canal. With modern dental equipment and techniques as well as sedation options, fixing an infected tooth doesn't have to be painful or time consuming. We invite you to contact our Los Alamitos, CA office today to schedule your consultation. 

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