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About Dentures

Dentures can be an effective way to address missing teeth or teeth that are unhealthy and need to be extracted. Beachwood Dental offers a few different options for our Los Alamitos patients, one option being the innovative PALA digital dentures, which are easier to make and replace since the imprint is saved digitally. If patients require complete replacement of both rows of their teeth, then full dentures can be fastened into the patient's mouth using acrylic-based dentures for a long-lasting solution. If patients only require partial restoration, such as only needing replacements for a few teeth, then dentures formed from the same acrylic substance will be wired alongside of the existing, healthy teeth. Dentures not only restore the patient's cosmetic appearance, but they also help to provide support and structure to the gums and lips. If gaps or missing teeth are left untreated for extended periods of time, then the gums can begin to recess and the mouth can become deformed, affecting the patient's quality of speech and eating ability. 

Temporary Dentures

If patients require a temporary fix in between procedures or are unable to undergo traditional implant procedures due to weak gums, then Beachwood Dental also offers removable, flexible dentures. Instead of being constructed from rigid materials, the removable dentures are now crafted from more pliable and comfortable substances such as polyamides, which are nylon-like plastics. These are typically only used to restore partial areas, like the bottom or top row only, and can slide into the natural contours of the gums securely thanks to the bottoms being custom designed to fit into the patient's mouth. Temporary, removable dentures should not be worn overnight and create the need for their wearers to practice exceptional oral hygiene. Since they are not permanently locked into place, the dentures can trap food and other particles under them, so it is essential for the patient to clean regularly in between uses. Our patients can schedule an individual consult with one of our dentists to see which denture option would be best suited for their needs. 

What to Expect

The procedure for dentures starts with one of our dentists preparing the patient's mouth, which may include extractions, cleanings, or filing the natural teeth. After the mouth is prepared, digital X-rays and physical impressions will be taken and sent to a dental laboratory where custom dentures will be created. While the permanent dentures are being created, our dentist will give the patient temporary dentures to wear. When the custom dentures are completed, our dentist will adjust as needed to allow the most comfortable and secure fit. If needed, patients may schedule a follow up appointment after their dentures are first fitted so our dentist can check and adjust the fit of the dentures.

Treatment Aftercare

Care instructions for dentures will be provided by our dentist to help patients keep their dentures clean and in good condition. Removable dentures can last 2-10 years with proper care, including regular dental exams as often as recommended by our dentist to check the wear of the dentures and the health of the patient's gums and mouth.

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Customized Confidence

If you are having trouble speaking and chewing because of missing teeth, a full or partial custom denture can revive the appearance and function of your teeth. All dentures are uniquely created with the materials, colors, size, and shapes needed to match your mouth and face to give you your best fit and an attractive, natural-looking smile. We encourage you to schedule a consult today with our Los Alamitos, CA dental team to find your best denture option. 

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